We are happy you chose our LEOMINSTER or GARDNER office for an evaluation. All of us here want to give you the best experience and best advice regarding your treatment. In order to do so, we include the following on your first visit:

  • LISTEN TO YOUR CONCERNS, LEARN YOUR PRIORITIES AND START TO GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER                                                                                            The best treatment plan involves a conversation between us to arrive at the best level of involvement
  • MEDICAL/DENTAL HISTORY                                                                                            We want to know if there are any conditions that may limit our success
  • INTRA ORAL PHOTOGRAPHS                                                                                            These provide a visual of how your teeth look from several different angles.
  • EXTRA ORAL PHOTOGRAPHS                                                                                           Shows a look at your smile line, full face proportions and profile-view in order to create well balanced facial proportions
  • PANOREX X-RAY                                                                                                                    This type of x-ray shows if there are any missing teeth, extra teeth, what stage of development the teeth are in, wisdom teeth, as well as the size, shape and angle of the roots of the teeth. It also shows the bones of the jaws and jaw joints along with any anomalies that may be present.
  • CEPHALOMETRIC X-RAY                                                                                                    Shows a side-view of the head to look at the tip and tilt of the top and bottom front teeth, the direction of growth of the jaws, the relationship of the jaws to each other and any potential airway difficulties.
  • DIGITAL SCAN OF THE TEETH (if needed)                                                                    Our iTero Element scanner provides a before/after computer simulation to help you visualize what you would like if treatment is pursued via clear aligners such as Invisalign, Invisalgn Lite, Express 10 Invisalign, Express 5 Invisalign, clear or metal braces. This is a 3-D view of how the teeth come together.
  • COST OF TREATMENT                                                                                                          Treatment option(s) are presented and discussed along with the associated cost of each. Several different payment options are available such as: Third party financing and payment in full. If no treatment is needed at this time, you will be scheduled for follow-up visits at no cost.

Finally, on this one comprehensive visit which takes approximately forty-five minutes, you should have been given all the information needed to make an informed decision. We encourage you to ask many questions. We hope you choose to have treatment in our office!

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